6 Benefits Of Marking Your Field Executives Attendance By Your Mobile Phone

Your team is your business’s future. The more efficient and punctual they are, the more likely you will be ease at work without being concerned.

How you will ensure that your sales team are reporting on time and greeting your client on time or not?? The difficulty of managing employee time and attendance is minimized with just an application. With this application, you can easily track your employees and mark their attendance and time as well i.e. when they have reached and when they are exiting the place. The number of hours worked and time off is recorded. A manager needs to know about which employee is working and anticipate the scheduled time off.

It is a manager’s responsibility to monitor attendance, ensure that leave reports are completed and signed by all employees in the department who go out on a field for work.

If your attendance recording is poor it may lead to productivity problems.

Attendance Issue = Productivity Problems

These attendance issues are being faced by many organizations, and when not managed orderly it may lead to problems, which develop into:

Employee Attendance not recorded

   Low morale of employees

Causes Low productivity

       Negative Impact on business

 These issues are very serious and definitely should be avoided.

How a mobile phone benefit you in marking your field executives attendance?

1.Accuracy and Reliability

Employee time and attendance recording through this android application are so accurate, reliable and provide accountability of the data. This makes your work more proof worthy and no one can deny the data entry because of its authenticity.

This also generates a healthier profit margin and make your executives work diligently as they know that their time is being recorded by his employer. This also makes employer and employee both satisfied as they know the information is transmitted in a more transparent way.

2.Reduce Paperwork

When a mobile phone turned into a smartphone, it has developed a lot of benefits. It is just not a mobile phone but it has a lot of other uses too. Now, how you will make sure that your business gets benefited from it? Well, with this android application you can mark your team’s attendance and this will eliminate and reduce paperwork.

By using a mobile phone in marking attendance has a lot of benefits, office workers and managers who love to mark attendance without managing bundles of paperwork will definitely give you more motivation to record their attendance and this reduction in paperwork will help you in collecting the data more easily.

3.Eliminate redundancy

One of the major issues faced by many organizations is that they collect multiple data in different database and systems. But, when it comes to tracking field staff, it becomes tricky to record their data and may bring out huge errors and duplicate data entry.

The mobile application allows just not accurate data entry but also reduces duplicate data entry. You can record your staff’s real attendance through your android mobile with 100% accuracy.

4.Improve visibility to track and manage your executives

Managing your staff who go out on the field to work is a bit strenuous and may not give accurate data as you are not able to track them and know their time when they are on the field for some work.

A mobile application helps you in tracking your employees in a more better way which turns your mobile phone into workforce management so that you can manage your executives more efficiently by marking their attendance. It is a more easy way to improve visibility and no executive can make false attendance. With this application, you can get alerts when they enter and leave the defined area.

5.Automatic calculation of leave

This application helps you in calculating total leave at the credit of your executive in a more prominent and accurate way. The attendance recorder of your field executives helps in recording the attendance of your executives including the leave taken by them.

This will enable all employees, and their managers, to automatically calculate the leave taken by them during work. It will cover all scenarios and will quickly confirm the actual leave entitlement for any circumstance.

6.Increased security and confidentiality

To work in a workplace, it is important that all the record should be fully private and with high security. Confidentiality is of paramount importance in a workplace. Considering the growing use of the electronic method, everything is digital around you and to remain updated the use of recording every information digitally has gained its own importance.

The electronic method of recording attendance just not keep your record digitally but also increases security and confidentiality. This will keep access, usage, and transmission of the protected data.

The use of digitalization in today’s scenario has increased at an amazingly high rate and so is the use in the world of business. By recording every information digitally just not give you electronic data but also reduces human efforts.

The application is a great medium where you can get into the race!!

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