6 Best Things You Do Not Know About Field Force Tracking

Field-force tracking is a very useful productivity tool which helps a manager to record the daily updates of his on-field sales executives.

Today an organization consists of a large workforce which often goes out on the field for work which makes it difficult for the manager to capture their field force real-time location. To make your sales reps track can make your workload easier and you don’t have to struggle with them to know their daily sales report.

Imagine a situation…

You go to a shopping mall to purchase some stuff. Before entering the parking area you notice a board saying “ you are under camera surveillance”, you tend to become more alert while parking your car or moving ahead and also a surety arises that your vehicle is safe as it is under camera surveillance. And you can easily do the shopping further instead of worrying about your vehicle.

Further, you go to a shop at the mall, there you see CCTV camera, thus, making yourself fully assured and not doing any undeniable things which could lead you to the problem. Therefore, you have to behave appropriately!!

Thus, when a person knows he is being seen or under camera surveillance behaves accordingly and a little cautiously.

This can also be explained on an eagle and its target as insects or prey.

An eagle knows to whom it want to target as his meal. In the same way when an employee know that he is being tracked by his manager, then definitely he has to behave efficiently making his manager know the hard work he puts in and that will ultimately lead to motivation.

Dr. Bob Nelson is one of the world’s leading experts on employee engagement, recognition, rewards and president of Nelson Motivation, Inc., says-

Therefore it works both the ways, an employee will be motivated and work efficiently if his manager interacts with his employees which can be done if he knows his field force activity.

Do you know there are some best things about Field Force Tracking which you are still unaware of?

Check them out below:

1. Lead can be pushed via Webhooks

Your leads which you collect can be pushed ahead to third party software via a webhook. Webhooks are user defined HTTP endpoints that helps in notifying when an event has occurred, usually not due to a direct action from your application. It facilitates communication with third party applications by sending real time information whenever something happens. This help a manager to monitor the resources more effectively and take further actions on them, automatically.

2. A well-tracked team ensures productivity

Your sales team brings you business. Right? Without them, your business gets ceased. Right? Of all this, have you ever given a thought to what your sales team do when they are on the field for work? Being a manager you need to know what your field force are doing. Being able to track them, you can easily know their issues and their real-time location which helps you in locating them and can increase the productivity of your business in no time.

This all can be achieved with field force tracking which provides you every single data of your sales reps.

3. Tracking real-time updates provide big benefit to your business

Knowing the real-time location of your employees helps a manager in providing all the essential data in providing a big benefit to business. You can track your employee’s further details and provide benefit to the company by tracking their real-time location and whereabouts. This helps a manager gets ensured of his employee’s whereabouts and tasks.

When you plan to track your employee, you get his all real-time updates and whereabouts which help in giving your business the right information of the employee and thus making you focus on the business more which results in benefiting your business.

4. Manager can know when his sales reps battery is low

Field force tracking is a way beyond what you think. A manager who is tracking his sales reps knows how much battery his executive has used and it gives an indication to manager whenever it is below 30% which makes it impossible for sales reps to lie to his manager.

Field force tracking is way simpler and making no false impression on manager about his sales reps and give an exact and accurate figure and the battery used.

5. Effective route planning

Field force tracking helps sales team to plan their routes more effectively and orderly. If a regular route always ends up in an exceptionally long route then the tracking feature can be helpful in locating the easiest and shortest route to sales reps.

Any damage caused to sales reps vehicle or some mis happening in the route is all transmitted to the manager, thus making an effective planning in the route.

6. Coordination with your team becomes easier

A manager workload eases in tracking his team. Field force tracking is a way which helps a manager to be in touch with his team all the time. From their marking attendance to their going out to the client to meeting them, all is being coordinated with the team members by his manager.

This makes it easy for a manager to get all his executive details and know his performance by easily coordinating with them without any forgery.

I hope, these some of the best things you didn’t know before about field force tracking.

Check out some facts which a sales reps should make when he connects to his clients:

Did you know this before??

After seeing the above data, it can be said wisely that being a sales representative to build sales is not easy, there are few mistakes that you are bound to make in the relation to the connects and contact made to the clients. For, this you have to indulge with your client more and make contacts which will end up in bringing you more sales.

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