How to choose an employee tracking app?

Anything related to tracking is a taboo but tracking an employee is not limited to surveillance or spying somebody but sometimes it’s the necessity of the business. The difference between surveillance or spying and tracking an employee has a very thin line. For example, when you are secretly tapping an email or taking the monitor’s […]

Employee Location Tracking Application

TeamSpoor is an Employee Tracking and Reporting Application available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The benefit of using an employee tracking application includes the productivity enhancement, real-time reporting, location awareness and ease of doing business. With the help of Android or iOS application employees can report their meeting status, mark their attendance, review their […]

Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

You may think employee tracking as an evil practice, but it is not always bad. People think employee tracking means invading the private life of an individual but this is not how it is intended to be done. For example, TeamSpoor is an employee tracking application, but it is not built to track the personal […]

reporting automation

How To Uplift Productivity, Revenue And Employee Loyalty With Reporting Automation

Employees are often regarded as workers who work in an organization with the aim of getting a wage in return. Their productivity and hard work may vary according to the environment in the office. If you will provide them nice, healthy environment with a good salary; they will most probably retain with you. Especially now […]