RFID vs GPS based employee attendance tracking

Ever wondered what else you could use to get the employee’s attendance other than the biometrics system you use at your office? Let me tell you why biometrics is not very useful as an employee attendance system other than to ensure the user himself was present at the location or providing access to a secure […]

Sales Team Tracking

Tracking Sales Staff / Rep in Real Time

Tracking sales team or on-field staff is not a very ethical thing to do if your only motive is to control how they perform on the field. However, Sales team tracking along with Reporting automation is an entirely different thing. Not only, it will increase the productivity of your field sales team, and it will […]

Yes! Smartphones Do Increase Field Force Productivity…

A lot has changed in the last one and a half decade or so. The concept of networking to get more and more faster communication system has been the flag bearer of this virtually inflicted change on the businesses. The smartphone has been accustomed to using the technologies at any place, at any time and […]