Coordinate With Your Ambitious Employees As They Bring Business!

“The role of the CEO is to enable people to excel, help them discover their own wisdom, engage themselves entirely in their work, and accept responsibility for making change. – Vineet Nayar”

Are you fed up of answering your employees’ multiple questions? Do you consider these questions silly? Is it stressful for you to communicate with your staff? Do you avoid facing your employees? What do you do when your employee demands for a new service or any kind of flexibility?

If you also find the likewise situation within your organization then it is certainly not a good indication and might harm your company adversely sooner or later.

What happens when you say ‘no’ to a stubborn baby?

Take a baby to a toy shop or anywhere he might take interest. It is seen most of the times he would certainly ask for the same thing again and again to buy him regardless of the fact whether the item is already available in his stock or not.

Being senior you can show two attitudes- first you will fulfill the kid’s wish second you will scold the child and take him back to home.

In the latter case, you didn’t try why the baby is asking for the particular stuff. Why intellectually or emotionally he is connected to it. Do you know such reaction may impact negatively his mind and where all these go ultimately?

Well, it simply makes the kid annoying!

Now I am trying to connect the same scenario with any organization. Avoiding or giving an arrogant response to the employees when they ask for something or any facility, might change their mood from ‘ will give my best’ to ‘ push the company into loss’. Therefore, it is very essential to understand the mind reasoning of your staff especially those who put business benefit related tasks prior in their life over anything else.

Now it is worth-discussing which points a manager must keep in mind while dealing his employees. I am going to discuss each point one by one here:

  • Emphasize more on listening than only on responding

‘Creativity’ is not someone’s property and can be introduced in new way anywhere anytime by anyone. You are a manager but sometimes you might miss out on some logical ideas suggested by your employees. Whenever the staff approaches you for something, listen carefully and try to conclude with a solution having a true or genuine base! Being over responsive even when your employee has not yet completed his discussion, projects your negative image throughout the organization.

  • Try to know ‘Why’ than ‘What’

Listen your staff till the end and instead of saying ‘what’,do a proper analysis over ‘why’ such request has been made. Try to understand the essence of that particular requirement and how fulfilling it can be beneficial for both – company and employees. At first, digesting your staff statement a bit tough but a short research can make your mood positive.

  • Let your employees control over their goal path

Since sales executives interact directly to the customers or prospects hence they possess a better idea of what a customer is looking for. Based on these needs, they can suggest to the manager for necessary changes so they can meet their goal not only in dreams but also practically. It is absolutely employer’s responsibility to help his staff to achieve their target implementing the changes.

  • Set regular meetings with employees

People are different in nature and they might or might not dare to share any new idea clicks in their mind. Therefore, you must set meetings on regular intervals and inspire everyone to come up with problems and its solution on the table. This results into the strong bonding between you and rest of the staff, which is a best way to put a revenue pillar for the enterprise.

  • Use technology to motivate your employees

Technology has become very advance today and it is offering many business solutions to optimize the business process. The tracking software is the best way to monitor employee activity and incorporates transparency in the system. The workforce tracking solution is an evidence for top performers and whenever they make any request, it should be taken care seriously.

Hope you can now see through my eyes  the clear picture of giving value to employees’ ideas and would certainly take a step for significant change!