How A Sales Tracking App Can Help Your Team Perform Better?

Boosting the performance of sales team remains your top agenda as a smart businessman. You know that success of your business lies in the success of your sales team. So, how do you identify their efficiency? Are they transparent enough about their productive hours all through the day? What customer relationship management tools do you use and are you sure that they are effective? Analyzing the productivity of your sales team helps you refine the entire sales process and makes it possible for you to drive the sales growth. Sales tracking app is proving to be a boon in disguise for all the businessmen who face transparency issues with their team.

How Do You Manage Your Outside Sales Team?

When they are out on the field they have a complete freedom of doing what they want. To verify how much time they spend on the field, where they visit and how much time they actually spend on the meetings have long been a gray area for the sales management. GPS time tracking was a sort of respite but then smarter fleet managers started using Sales Tracking App that had added features like marking attendance while on the field, auto generation of sales report and much more.

So, managing the field team becomes easier when apart from locating your sales team and seeing the route they take, your employee can be tracked for actual productivity and save a lot of time on unproductive tasks.

How Do you Save With Sales Tracking App?

With the help of this app, you can bring down the operation cost and expenditures in many key areas:

Improved Productivity:

At the end of the day you know what all places your team has visited and how many meetings they have attended, you can get rid of the overtime claims and the lame excuses. You need not pay for the distance they never travel and get a better productivity as they know they are being tracked they would not waste time and fuel.

Enhanced Transparency:

What exactly they do while on the field? Have they actually visited the client they were supposed to? They stop the unauthorized usage of vehicles and when their activities on the field are tracked and instant alerts can be received by the fleet managers the transparency get improved naturally. This leads to better work ethics and you tend to get their optimum output.

Hence you save on fuel and mileage reimbursements, you would be able to monitor their sales territories and their efficacies which enable you to route the tasks to get the optimum output.

How Your Team Remains Happy and Perform Better?

Sales tracking app is a boon not for you as an employee but for your team members on the field as well. They can save their time by marking their attendance from the field which enables them to make use of their time in productive activities. When you know their location, you can establish contact with your nearest team members and convey them the urgent tasks to be taken out. This saves the time of all those who are in a far-flung areas.

How Streamlining Your Sales Team Becomes Possible? (SWOT Analysis)

When you have the app you can streamline your sales team by conducting SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is a study that is undertaken by a company to analyze its strong and weak points. To streamline your sales team you can conduct a SWOT analysis of each team member. Given here is a quick view of how a sales tracking app can help.

You Can Figure Out The Best Practices And Implement Them:

When you track your team you would be able to zero in on the best performers. You can figure out the best salespeople and know what they are doing right. This will help you figure out the best sales team members and you can then replicate the best practices used by them to the remaining members of your team and boost sales.

You Can Retain The Best:

The data that you receive on monitoring your field team can be used to find out who is performing better. The data can also be used to make incentive programs and helps you retain the best and the most productive people.

You Get DSR Reports On A Daily Basis:

You get the complete insight of how much time is being spent on clients’ meet. The data can be used in analyzing sales and efficiency of the team. If you think that too much time is being spent on any prospect you can work out a strategy accordingly.

Your team members would obviously oppose being tracked because nobody wants a Hawk’s eyes over them so it becomes important for you to justify the usage of this app. You can highlight the following benefits.

  • Their safety. With the help of GPS tracker you can locate and send help to them if they get caught in any sort of trouble.
  • No False Accusations. They can be rest-assured of their fleet managers not accusing them of remaining dormant on the field.
  • They can avoid traffic and problematic routes.
  • Efficient team members would be rewarded.


No wonder why more and more businesses are making use of the smart sales tracking app that enables their team on the field to remain transparent and more productive. Not only this, you would be able to organize your team and they can save a lot of time which can be utilized in a productive task. In short, getting the app means, better team tracking which leads to better transparency, better efficiency and better productivity. Sales tracking app is also meant for the businesses who remain concerned about the safety of their team when they are on the field.