How Mobile Technology Could Impact Your Business

The present scenario of business is dominated by the mobile technology mainly !!

It is the 21st Century! Now things are moving at a faster rate than ever. From human relations to businesses, we are all surrounded by ‘technology’.

Today the continuous and rapid change in technology has laid a great impact on how business communicate, operate and interact with people. The mobile technology has evolved immensely over the years. Initially, we used a simple black and white phone which gradually changed into smartphones that took the world by storm. Gone are those days now, mobile technology has evolved so much that no business can imagine it’s viability and sustenance without it.

A lot has changed over the years in terms of technology and so has its impact on the business too. Recent developments in mobile technology have been changing the way business communicate, create and develop.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet Project revealed that as of January 2014, there were the following percentages of American adults owning these different mobile devices:

  • 90% have a cell phone;
  • 58% have a smartphone;
  • 32% own an e-reader; and
  • 42% own a tablet computer.

Amazed by the percentage data??

In fact, the number of mobile phone users is estimated to rise to 4.77 billion by 2017.

Well, it is a no less known fact that the importance of mobile phones have emerged big today which, it was not a few years back.

The potent lines of Max Levchin say –

“Mobile is the perfect example of what is enabling economic growth in the technology sector”.

Let us take a look at how your mobile phones are changing business!!

Your Customers’ experience has improved

Nowadays, with the rising importance of mobile devices in customer’s lives, businesses are making full advantage of these and trying to inculcate this in their work.

A large number of customers make their searches on smartphones. This also led to easily access notification or messages directly to their mobile phones. These things are making businesses more responsive now.

For example, customers can easily convey their feedback and expect quick responses for the same. These handy devices help in maintaining a clear communication channel with others and making your business run fast and grow more.

Access to Internet usage increases

When we start thinking about a desktop, attached to a stationary standpoint, we tend to become lazy and drop the idea of using it. The other side is our handy phone, which does not require any procedure to open and with that effortless thing, it increases the usage of internet on our mobile devices.

As a fact, 63% of adults with cell phones use their devices to access the internet. The percentage of using the internet on the mobile phone is more than the percentage of using desktop or laptops.

Strengthen the participation with Colleagues

Today workforce has become mobile!! Every person is now on mobile whether it is for some personal use or office use. It’s easy to manage your handy mobile devices rather than desktops.

This also encourages and enhances your collaboration with the colleagues. These handy devices help and allow you to participate from anywhere around the world, thus removing any hindrance in communication with your colleagues.

Marketing Strategy has become better

Mobile marketing has gained momentum recently. Marketing and advertising strategy has become better with the mobile technology. Now, customers see business advertisements more through a wide variety of mobile marketing technology including SMS, mobile website, mobile applications, banner ads, QR codes and more.

The use of mobile phone has become much more corporate rather than just personal work.

Customers exposure to advertisements has increased through their handy mobile devices. This helps in reaching advertisements to the more targeted audience.

E-Commerce Booms

We’ve seen E-commerce growing with each passing day, from online mobile ticketing, mobile banking to mobile shopping applications.

The time spent with online retail has surpassed desktop in June 2013. The more eye opening proof was reported by ComScore, 55% of the time spent on retail was through mobile devices. The continuous percentage growth has become a norm, as now many people are using mobile devices and have abandoned using the desktop. And the users are increasing at a proportional rate.

Mobile technology is a way more what you think. It just not only impact your personal lives but also enhances business growth.

It is definitely a blessing to your business and it is important to plan ahead to make improved decisions. This technology has made people work efficiently away from their desks, whether they are at home or traveling anywhere.

Make sure you use this mobile technology and give your business a great impact from it!!

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