How to Plan your ‘Comeback’ after a Sudden Downfall in Employee Productivity?

As we learn more, we realize an important role of planning in achieving a success. But certain demotivating moments leave us clueless about what to do next. A skepticism seizes our confidence, a fear replaces our optimism and our wisdom fails to find a way out of it. A slump in employee productivity is threatening sign for any manager that he is losing the right track.

What to do next, how to plan the revival and where to begin with? Questions keep on pouring in mind but answers nowhere to be found. Honestly, it can be tough and test your willingness to be successful. But, the successful ones believe that they will overturn the tides of failure and come out stronger and sharper than ever.

You are not the only one who has to go through such tormenting phase. In fact, failure is the special asset in the arsenal of a successful person. For that, one has to look at failure as a tool of improvement to sharpen his skills. Rather than looking at failure as the end of the road, one could also see it as an opportunity to explore an own path to success. Ultimately, nothing is permanent and failure is nothing but a mistake in a long run of your life. If you know where your destination is and are desperate to travel to reach that, you will always know that your journey won’t end anyhow at any place before reaching that destination. But only if you know what’s the destination.

You should know that it’s always hard to climb but just a push to fall down. When the situation is unfavorable, walking down a straight road can also feel harder than a steep climbing. So before working on a comeback, you must prepare yourself for the odds and even struggle to ordinary tasks done. When you slump down, you will suffer injuries and this never helps. In fact, it is harder to get up when you are injured, let alone the idea to move ahead.

Once you are ready, start your planning with help of these possible mistakes that you could have made in your plans. Basic idea of any successful comeback is always begins with introspection because unless you know what went wrong, you are never going to improve yourself.

Not Following A Specific Strategy –

A downfall is more probable if you don’t a strategic approach. This is often clear when you don’t care to prepare a road-map. So, first and foremost, spot those aspects or factors that could have made a difference in your process. Strategy gives a plan that additional punch which gives it fluency. Did you made a strategic plan to exploit those opportunities that you just saw pass by because you were not prepared with enough tools? Strategy is that tool of tightening a plan.

Failing to Time Your Moves Properly.

Employee productivity is all about timing. The same amount of work of an organized and well coordinated team can reap rewards while much more efforts that a non coordinated and disorganized team will put but it will still be a waste of time and money. As a sales manager, you must have the authority to command his team members and ability to make move when it’s potential is much more.

Relying too Much on Assumptions.

At times, managers don’t care to fetch precise data and make presumptuous pre plans. You should ask 999,999 about the value of 1. It wishes to add 1 more and get round but alas, that 1 proved a little too much for him to get and he still survives with a pain.

A lot of can change with difference of just 1. And you think you business will succeed without the help of these 1’s. Never ignore these 1’s as they can make you stumble.

Failing to Control the Expenditures

A business is principally based  on conceptual way of making profit from by investing to prepare an efficient and effective solution which helps a certain part of the population for their convenience. Now when you sell the product to a customer, you need to ensure that the overall investment on a product is kept to a minimum that could ensure more profit per product. If you fail to control the expenditure, you will end up investing much more and therefore, you might have to raise the selling price. This can kill the competitive edge of being cost efficient. If people find a product overpriced, let’s put people aside, Will you buy a product if you find it overpriced?

Waiting for a Last Minute Wonder.

This one is the worst thing that any sane mind would never like to do. Frankly, If you ask me, it is just the behavior a predetermined loser could think about.

If you think that your efforts are not returning fruitful results, either you should try to introspect and equip yourself with enhanced tools and skills for a better performance. If you are the one who think’s that a last minute wonder is going to change things drastically, just because you prayed for help to the God, I guess you missed out this one lesson of god which says, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. OR you thought the miracles shown in commercial advertisements are actually real. This kind of unrealistic optimism would definitely make your business existence unreal.