How To Track On-field Sales Team With Minimal Expense?

Optimizing selling efforts are one of the top agendas of every businessman. If saving costs and boosting profits are on the top of your mind you need a more productive team. Are you sure that your on-field staff is productive enough? Do they come up in the evening with the closed sales and burning a hole in your pocket merely? Come to think of a solution where in they can be tracked about the route they take, their productive hours, their current location and send them free messages for any advice or suggestion.

Why tracking your sales team is indispensable?

Sales is the backbone of any business whether big or small. Most of the companies face the issues of paying their field staff for the visits they never make. Fuel for the longer route they take and their unproductive hours are the unnecessary costs to your companies.

How Tracking Sales People Can Become Easier?

Tracking the whereabouts of your employees can be made easy with any GPS tracking device that can  track things like journey start time, end time, route they have taken and their present location. But, how about communicating them for free and tracking their actual productive hours! Can you collect the real-time updates after all the clients’ meet.

With a smart sales tracking android app you can track your field staff with the perfect ease and precision while you are at office. This does not cost you as much as GPS device because you can install the app in the present Android-based devices which your staff has been using. Not only this, you can be on a constant touch with your employees all free of cost via free messages. Your on-field team needs not come to the office as they can mark their attendance while on field.

With the world going digital, banking on the latest technology is a wise idea to save costs, efforts, time and to increase sales and productivity. If you are one of the smart businessmen that invest carefully to get the best value for their money, the smart Android based sales tracking and managing app is for you.

Get smarter with the changing world, get a smart sales track app that ensures the productivity of your team. With minimal investment you can increase the efficiency of ground staff and help your slumping sales.