Managers And Sales Force Are Misaligned Due To Lack Of Employee Management

Do you know that US companies spend of about $900 billion on their sales force? Well, if not you must know, as this is about three times they spend on all advertisement. To manage your sales team is quite a quintessential job, lack of proper management and training may lead to misalignment of managers and sales force.

Research shows that on an average 84% of sales training content is lost after 90 days. Relax, I know you have spent thousands of dollars on their training and you do not want that but instead, provide a better platform where you can do employee management easily.

A company delivers about 50 to 60 percent of financial performance and more than half of the executive in an organization says that their biggest challenge is to ensure daily decision about the alignment strategy between them and managers.

Overall the resultant is below the average. The problem is very easy to understand…

What if I tell you that tracking your sales force helps in keeping a mark on their activity like when they go out on field related work their every activity is sent to the manager directly from his real-time location to his sales report everything is automated easily and therefore managers and sales force are aligned easily.

You can work on few factors which keep managers and sales force aligned –

Link Strategy To Behavior

Are your sales executives having a conversation with their manager that help them see the value of their services? If in case they weren’t you need to make a strategy that understands each other behavior.

At times, when the conversation between manager and sales executive needs to brush up more so that they reach each other more than before, you need to make sure that they are having a nice conversation especially when sales reps go out on field related work and the manager are informed about their daily sales report. The salesperson and manager behaviors should be linked out in a manner that they frame a strategy that leads to overall wellness.

Change Approach To Training

Training your staff is an essential part of growing your organization. Obviously, if your sales team knows about your product every detail, they will work accordingly. Whatever approach you are having until now, you have to change and focus on where you can improve so that you have a connection with your sales team and make the management aligned.

Sales manager need to develop their inner skill and start training their sales reps in those areas where they feel they are lacking and this can be known if the employee management is effective.

Keep Updated About Sales Force Activities

When your sales force are not around the manager i.e. when they went out on the field to meet the client. It is almost impossible for the manager to keep updates of his employee’s activities. But, with an efficient employee management, the manager can keep a check on his staff’s whereabouts.

This tracking of their real-time location of sales reps helps in making transmission of information effective and thereby keeping managers and sales force is proper alignment.

Effective Communication Between Manager And Sales force

Communication is the key to every successful organization! If the managers work effectively in managing their team, communication between them plays a vital role. Without proper reporting, they cannot make their business run successfully. When a manager knows his sales force real-time location with proper attendance system even when they are not in the office premises. This eventually makes their relationship stronger which results in their bond aligned.

These are essential ways to keep managers and sales force in the same way rather than going out of position.

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