Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

You may think employee tracking as an evil practice, but it is not always bad. People think employee tracking means invading the private life of an individual but this is not how it is intended to be done. For example, TeamSpoor is an employee tracking application, but it is not built to track the personal […]

How To be A Smart Manager

Don’t you think, being a manager you need to focus on some procedures that help to reinforce the efficiency of sales staff? Since a more efficient sales team ensures more productivity hence, the necessary efforts must be put into the direction of employee development. Revamping salespeople efficiency is not piece of cake. In order to […]

Increasing Your Field Staff Productivity is ‘Easy’!

While the entire corporate world faces the odds associated with field jobs, a recreative approach can help the cause for better. Employing a more interactive ‘work’ culture can inject a new life into your field staff. A human brain is ‘unique’ and it’s fluctuates to invariable degrees. It makes us wonder more about the problems […]