Sales Team Tracking

Tracking Sales Staff / Rep in Real Time

Tracking sales team or on-field staff is not a very ethical thing to do if your only motive is to control how they perform on the field.

However, Sales team tracking along with Reporting automation is an entirely different thing. Not only, it will increase the productivity of your field sales team, and it will also increase the productivity of complete sales cycle.

Wonder how to Track your Sales Staff?

Everyone is talking about tracking their employees to achieve maximum output of their working hours but do you know the best technique for the same?

Sales staff tracking is not about tracking their email or browsing activity or where they are going.

The motive of tracking sales team is to achieve the optimum output from them by providing the tools, which will enhance their productivity and let them work in peace.

For example, a CRM can help your sales team and their managers to track the sales pipeline but would it be sufficient for them?

Time is the most scarce resource. How do you optimize their time? Every month sales rep has to meet out their sales target and to get those targets they have to meet X number of prospective clients. You need some tool, which can plan their meetings, automate their reporting and help managers to ensure the assigned tasks are being completed on time.

This is where TeamSpoor employee tracking and reporting automation tool comes handy.

Sales Team / Rep Real-Time Location Tracking

Location tracking of your sales team enables you to plan their day according to their current location and availability.

For example, say if John and Sam are on the field and their manager Masha got another meeting request from a client nearby where currently John is already attending a meeting then Masha can just check the team’s real-time location on the Map and assign the lead to John to handle once he gets free.

In an old-school way, she had to call every sales rep to get their real-time location and then has to assign the lead.

In another scenario say John is on a long meeting with a client, which Masha can check on her TeamSpoor’s panel without disturbing John and the new client wants an immediate meeting then Masha can assign the lead to Sam in a matter of seconds. However, this is not possible for her to accomplish if she is not already using TeamSpoor’s Employee Tracking Solution.

Sales Team Route Optimisation

Another great feature one can use with employee tracking solution is Route Optimisation for the sales team.

With route optimization managers can plan an optimized route for their sales team to follow via Beat Plan covering all the meetings for the day.

This will not only save their time, but it will also save money and resources for the company as now the on-field sales team can enhance their productivity and can also save the fuel cost incurred to the company.

With real-time reporting feature managers will always know how many meetings were done by their on-field sales staff from the assigned Beat Plan.

In short, the most important aspect of Sales Team Tracking is to provide the necessary tools to the sales teams to accomplish more tasks in shorter time span and enabling their managers to report and observe their team performance in real-time.