Why Field-force Tracking App is Way Smarter than Device Based GPS Tracking?

What is App based field-force tracking?

The field-force tracking is more than tracking through GPS devices. Along with tracking real-time location, this solution helps sales staff with more additional features like marking attendance on time from anywhere, sharing real-time authentic information with the upper management, sending data to the third party via webhook whenever something happens. It is basically the combination of GPS based tracking & sales force, and possess more advanced features.

What is device based GPS tracking?

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a radio-navigation system that exactly tells where is something means the real-time position of an entity. It can be used in mobiles, laptops, vehicles or anywhere which is needed to be tracked. For better customer satisfaction organizations today are using GPS devices in vehicles so that real-time location of fleets and sales reps can be found out at any time of need.

Benefits of App based field-force tracking over device based GPS tracking

As mentioned above tracking through GPS device is helpful in finding the real-time position. Businesses dealing with goods delivery were dependent on these navigation devices initially. They used to fit these devices in their corporate transport equipment and track the route of sales professional online to get an idea of if fleets are used for productivity or not and how long the delivery will take.

But, later, entrepreneurs felt the need of more options that can help effectively to grow the business. Here the tracking App took birth and almost changed the lives of the business world. Below are some reasons why market leaders are prone to use field-force tracking solution over tracking through navigation devices:

  • Reduced Cost

It is true that the sales team are the foundation of revenue generation but it is also a bitter truth that companies invest much in their sales staff in terms of availing equipment, time and gifts. Hence, if they don’t use corporate resources efficiently then eventually company has to face a significant financial loss sometimes it can be close to the business too. To avoid this situation, opting for field force tracking App is pronounced an intelligent decision in the leading market today.

This tracking solution is a web-based dashboard for top management with Android-based mobile App for sales staff. The manager not only tracks the route and finds the real-time location of field-force like tracking through navigational devices but also can be in continuous communication with the team through the App. Thus, it ensures the appropriate use of corporate stuff in a more cost-effective manner.

  • Virtual Attendance

It is a fact that sales executives have to work 24/7 not strictly inside the office premises but anywhere. What values for them more than anything is their prospects but it doesn’t mean they are free to violate the office disciplines. But any disciplinary action that impacts business growth adversely should be modified in some other way so that it can only bring benefits.

Restricting sales staff for marking attendance in the office can push business towards loss, therefore, organizations started incorporating the employee tracking App which gives an option of marking attendance at the time from anywhere. Thus whenever sales rep is busy in meeting with the prospect, he/she can mark attendance from the client location during the meeting time. It saves company to get into the financial loss with no violation of company rules.

  • Authentic Data

The current location and route can be tracked in real time but whatever is actually happening at the workplace can only be shared over the phone. The shared data might be true or manipulated as naturally any executive will try to defend himself in case even if something happens negative but don’t you think ultimately it pulls down the business?

Through field-force tracking App, the upper management remains in persistent connection with the field staff and real-time information is shared. This authentic data is used to plot an exact graph of how much profit and loss earned.

  • Easy Decision-making

There is no shortage of competitors in the market for any business you run, hence, it is important to optimize the business model from time to time. For upgrading the business processes, many new decisions are taken which may accelerate or retard the growth in no time.

As already discussed above, tracking through GPS devices don’t give the guarantee of authentic information whereas field-force tracking does. Also, decisions based on the correct data barely affect negatively to the enterprise, therefore, the employee tracking solution helps largely in filtering the best business ideas.

  • Integration with third party

Many field-force tracking Apps are offering the facility of sharing real-time data with third-party software whenever something happens. The benefit of this feature is whenever any lead gets converted, all the related information are pushed in real time to the third party like accounts or else for further process.

The processes might include a thank you message or call or anything else related to customer update. It leaves an authorized image of the organization. Such advancements are driving maximum marketers to invest in this money-making solution.

  • DSR(Daily Sales Report) Automation

Apart from marking attendance at the office, another big concern of wandering sales staff is taking out some time regularly for making DSR. This important time can be efficiently utilized for more productivity if report generation could be automated.

Thankfully, the field-force solution meets this requirement and helps to maintain the real-time DSR that admin or top management can watch anytime on the dashboard. This report also gives a sigh of relief to the manager that resources and sales force are working efficiently and contributing every minute in showering profits.

  • Competitive work environment

What affects us most is our surrounding. Well, this concept is absolutely applicable to hardworking and creative people too. The real-time authentic data helps the manager to figure out which employee is working better. Also, the management gives rewards to such talented and laborious professionals in form of incentives, gift cards or vocal appreciations etc. Other people in the office automatically get inspired and work more for best results.